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Welcome to the Children & Youth Ministry web-page at Lily of the Valley Church!

Parents, we encourage you to send your children & young adults to Lily of the Valley Church on Sunday mornings at 9:00AM so that they can be instructed in the word of God.   Our staff at Lily of the Valley uses creative techniques to teach our young children biblical scriptures that can be applied in everyday life lessons. Always remember: a child saved, is a soul saved, plus a life!

Our teen ministry stretches beyond the boarders of our local church.  Each Monday night @ 7:00PM is geared toward ministering to our teenagers (ages 13-19).  This session is set aside for our teen ministers to work one on one with their students.  The main purpose is to teach Godly principles that will propel our youth to establish a relationship with God.

We also work with the youth about their accountability to God, themselves, their parents and their family.  We teach them to surround themselves with people who will push them to their destiny both naturally and spiritually.


If your child or children has special, needs please let our ministry staff know so that we are aware of the need. This includes any food or environmental allergies, health concerns or medication, etc. that could potentially put your child at risk while in our care.


When there is a discipline problem within the Children’s Ministry, we attempt to resolve it with the child first.  Ministry staff will go to the child quietly and in private to make sure that the child understands the rules, what they did wrong, and the consequences. If this behavior persists or is severe enough, it will be addressed with the parent/guardian at the discretion of the Teacher and/or Youth Pastor.

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